Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Metal Build Destiny Review/Shoot

So this won't be like most traditional reviews. I just shot a few pictures (okay more than a few) with the new metal build destiny. I'm not much of a Figure collector, but its sculpt is gorgeous, and it's incredibly solid feeling. the posability is actually on par and in a few areas better than the bandai kits you build yourself. there's joints in a lot of strange places that i've never seen before on something like this. the suit itself is scaled to 1/100, similarly to bandai's Master Grade lineup. it retails for about 17,000 japanese yen

As for accessories, this guy comes with all the standard gear you'd expect to see from the Destiny gundam, the launcher for the back, the anti-ship sword, the massive posable wings, the beam boomerangs, a shield, and the beam rifle, as well as two effect beam shields, a massive base, and 8 additional (making a total of 10) hands.

you get full articulation out of this guy, there's a double jointed neck, shoulders, elbows knees and ankles, the range of movement is insane. the vents and things on the backs of the legs open, the beam boomerangs have movable hinges, the shoulders have a few points of articulation, the wings open and close fully on their own, and even show off some amazing mechanical detail. the waist is on a double joint as well, allowing very expressive waist movement. all of the joints and a few bits of outer armor are made from metal, providing a significant amount of bulk to the kit. it feels really nice and solid in hand, and the joints are really tight allowing nice stability when posing.

it stands fine on it's own with very little issue, the backdrop gave me some issues so i had to lean it in a few pictures, but it stands almost upright even with the wings outstretched and the weapons mounted to the back.

but who would keep something with such amazing wings, grounded? this beauty was meant to fly!

he looks even better in the air. the wings look fantastic, and this is where all of that posability really starts to shine. I'm no master of weapons posing, but I did the best I could, I even had a few friends take a stab at posing this guy, and we came up with what's left here.

in short, I've never bought a metal build before, Or gundam figures for that matter, I've always preferred to build my models. But i'm really impressed with the quality of this figure. the sculpt is better than any destiny figure or model i've seen of it before, the posability is better than any model i've built before, you get a ton of accessories, solid locking posability, a great stand, and so much more, all packed away nicely in one package. the only real problems i had with this, were the connector that puts the model on the base seemed like a bit of an afterthought, despite being something metal, and as heavy as it is, the connector is simply a peg, that fits into either the back, or the backskirt, and suspends it in place. there's no locking mechanisms or anything like that, it just sort of floats there. It's not too major, as long as you don't lean the stand too far forward. the second issue is the pricepoint is kind of high, I didn't have too much of an issue paying the money for it. I knew what i was getting myself into, and I knew what i'd be getting (roughly anyway) I don't plan on collecting this series or really buying any others (maybe the metal composite rx-78-2 at some point, or if they ever put out a metal ez8 [like that'll ever happen]) but if you like the destiny, or you want to have a look at this series, I think this is a good investment. it's got tons of pose and play options, it looks fantastic, and the good outweighs the bad I think.

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